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but is it really where i am now? yes, i am back in denver, and i have been here for a month or so, but nothing prevents me from having endless thoughts of madrid. there is really no way for me to describe the places ive been, the things ive seen, the things ive done, the people i met. oh the people...the people were incredible. i can still see their faces in my head. i can still hear their voices, their accents, their characters....

But now i am here. in an american world once agian, where everyone speaks english, and where practically no one speaks spanish. but here, i am all alone, because there is no one that has done what i have done, and no matter how many stories i tell people, they will never really comprehend how amazing spain really was.

i am still in contact with all of my friends, and when i talk to my american ones, i feel safe because i feel that they are the only people that understand me and know how i feel, and know how absolutely amazing spain was. i really cannot put into words the emotions i get, the shivers i recieve when i just think about the places i went to, and the things i saw, and the people i met. no one knows except them, but yet, it is still impossible for any of us to describe these events. there are no words to express these intense emotions.

So this is it. my last entry to spain. i hope to return soon. this summer, i pray. but until then, i will forever have these memories of the best three months, and most life changing months, of my entire existance.


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