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so over the past few weeks, chris and i have become pretty close to a certain group of spanish kids, and they are so wonderful. these are the kids we can honestly say are "friends" and not just kids here hanging with us cuz we're here. There's alejandra, daniella, blanca, bea, ana, susanna, and a bunch of other girls. hahah siempre chicas.... chris and i are closest with alejandra, daniella, and blanca (whom my buddy sirus calls blancO because its funny..she gets real mad....), but they are all super sweet and way awesome to be around. we've been planning road trips and my next visit to spain and all sorts of stuff. anyways, i thought i should give them an entry becuase they are making my stay here super exciting and completely amazing. It's going to be so hard saying goodbye....
so far we've all gone to Supersonic, which is pretty much my favorite bar to go to. its a rock bar and they play pretty good music and its just overall awesome haha. last week we all went and hung out in Parque del Retiro. We've been to a hookah bar too and a few other places.
Also, there's vanesa and bea and monica and rita. they're all really sweet too. okay so we've got two groups. all of which are increbidle. i love them all. here's some pictures of the new crew [and for the record, i didnt take any of these pictures...im theiving them mwhahahahha!!!!]....

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