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Lisboa, Portugal

This weekend I went to Lisbon, or Lisboa as you say in SPanish or Portuguese. Our plane took off saturday morning at 6 am so i didnt sleep the night before. we all met around 4 am. The plane ride was really quick, only about an hour. When we landed, we took a bus to what i consider "downtown" lisbon, near our hostal.

oh yeah, and i forgot to mention, right there in the main square, they set up a skatepark just for that day for some competition or something. i was wicked upset i didnt have my board....

anyways...we got some breakfast, and then we searched for our hostal, which turned out to be the best place ever! it was so nice, and brand new too. all the rooms were decorated individually. our room (room number 303!!) was rad, and all of us got the entire room to ourselves. the hostal served breakfast for free, so we ate again, and then we went exploring. we first went up to the Castelo de Sao Jorge. Real sick.

so then we went back down to the main area, saw some famous church and did some wine tasting, and then there was a huge teacher strike.

then we ate dinner at some local restaurant, and it was real great. and it was run by one lady and she was so nice and she cooked all the food herself and it was great! then we found this other famous church....whats crazy about this church is that we just caught the very end of a funeral and we watched them load the casket back into the hearse. real horrorshow.

then we returned to the hostal and got dinner there. it only cost 8 euros, which is a great deal and we got homecooked food and it was delicious! and we also made friends with all the other people there! after dinner everyone (including the chef and all the employees at the hostal) went out to the bars and such. Lisbon is a real cool city. it really is. its gorgeous, the history is incredible, the architecture is absolutely beautiful, you can see the beach from all parts, and the people are so friendly. everyone spoke english and i even learned a few phrases in portuguese so that im not a complete idiot. but i really enjoyed it. the culture was great. its a smaller city, atleast it has a homey feel, unlike madrid, and if anyone says portugal or lisbon arent worth visiting, they are so wrong.

Anyways, the next day, we ate breakfast, and we took sandwiches with us so we wouldnt have to pay for lunch later on, and we took a train that was like 45 minutes long to a town called Sintra which is right outside of lisbon. this city was probably the most beautiful place ive ever been too. it was just starting to turn into fall, so the trees were chanign colors, and this place was a very small, quaint, little town right in the mountains, still with a view of the beach, and even lisbon, and they had castles everywhere! it was incredible!!!!

first we made our way over to the royal palace, but we passed some other really cool things along the way...

heres the palace...

heres a shot of the moorish castle, which i visited later on my visit...but this is the view of the castle from the royal palace...

this was some crazy garden castle thing. we had to pay to go in, so we opted out of that one, but it was still a really gorgeous place to be.

then we went back down to the royal palace and ate lunch with two french guys we had met the night before at the hostal, who randomly appeared in Sintra (you can see that picture above). one of them brought an acoustic guitar and played music and sang to us. he played really cool songs too, like stuff by coldplay, and bob marley and the beatles.

then we went to the moorish castle. it was so incredible! the view was so wortht the 11 euros! (the 11 euros atleast got us into the pena as well..thats coming up next....get ready!)

this is a view of the pena from the moorish castle....

so we had to hike a whole lot more, to get to the top of another mountain, but we finally made it to the Pena, which was a very colorful castle. and we got to wander inside and everything. it was so awesome! you could smell all the antique smells from stuff dating back to 1400....it was intense.

whats really cool about this picture is is that as soon as the sun started going down, this huge mist rolled in, as you can kind of see in the clock tower behind.

this is one of my faves. thats me with the moon....

anyways, by this point, i was super exhausted and we all fell asleep on the train coming home. but we got back and relaxed and ate dinner at the hostal again. oh and by the way, our hostal had a tv, dvds, and computers so i got to check my emails and we also watched half a movie (made of honor or somehting...) because we had like 45 minutes before dinner and we were too tired to go out any more. but we ate, and we still did end up going out. we went with some of the remaining people in the hostal. since it was sunday nigght, a ton of the people in the hostal were gone. we went out with a guy from australia, living in england, another guy from korea/california who was also living in england, and those two french guys from earlier. we were all really tired, but we figured it was our last night in Lisbon so we should take advantage of our time there. we ended up in the gay district on accident hahaha not that it mattered, but to be honest, im really glad we got there because in one of the bars, the bar tender gave us free drinks all night. it was so nice of them! and they were all super friendly. like i said, lisbon is a way chill place and all the people are amazing. so we didnt spend any money and we still got to have loads of fun. but we got up bright and early, caught our plane back home after getting our free breakfast, and then we went straight to skool from the airport. its been a long weekend and im glad to be back home, back in my favorite place in the entire world....madrid :]


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Nov. 17th, 2008 02:37 am (UTC)
From your pictures I found Portugal more interesting than Spain. I look forward to seeing your pictures of Paris. You are so lucky! Miss you and am looking very forward to seeing you in a few weeks. :-)
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