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Paris Photos

here are the photos you've all been waiting for!

every night, after they turned on the blue lights surrounding the eiffel tower, every hour, on the hour, it would flash or sparkle with white lights for a few minutes. here's what it looked like....

here's our view from the hotel

here's notre dame...really wasn't too impressive.

this is the pantheon where marie curie is buried

luxembourg gardens

this is the church in the last scene from the Da Vinci Code!

outside of the louvre

this is the Musee d'Orsay

arc de triomphe


this is the view from the top of montmartre. since i didnt go to the top of the eiffel tower, this was the best i could get, and it was free so you cant beat that!

Chopin's grave

Jim Morrison's Grave!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the polish choir that we met!

La Louvre!

this is a terrible photo, but its the mona lisa. everyone keeps telling me that they were so unimpressed, but i thought it looked wonderful in real life. however, everyone also tells me that the louvre is amazing, and i thought it was all boring. i really didn't enjoy the louvre. you can only see religious pictures for so long.... i definitely prefer 20th century art...such as picasso. the d'Orsay was way better.

Picasso Museum!!!!!!!!

in front of the musuem, there was this giant mirror with some black triangle painted on it. in this photo it looks like some black ray is just shooting straight out of the building.

thats pretty much an overview of all the photos. i mean i took over a thousand so thats just the tip of the iceberg. i hope you enjoy the photos and i hope they make you very jealous. :]

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