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SO i went to barcelona. and i had the best time there. barcelona is a whole lot different than madrid in good ways too. Its enormous, fast paced, and there are tourists everywhere. its way way way more touristy, and metropolitan and i hardly used spanish there. I really loved barcelona, however, if i were ever to come back to spain, i would choose madrid over it, especially if i wanted to learn spanish because everything in barcelona is in Catalan, whereas madrid is just castellano (or spanish). but the city itself was beautiful, and they have a beach and i got to see the mediteranean sea for the first time and it was really a great place and im really glad i got to go.

I met up with kara there, after i got lost for about 45 minutes trying to find the hostel, which was actually three blocks from where i started, but i ended up in a completely different neighborhood....i know, just my luck. I was supposed to meet kara at 10 but i didnt even get to the hostel until 1045, and i was wondering to myself, how is this gonna work? she doesnt have a phone here. but as i was checking into the hostel, she just walked right down the stairs. it was like a perfect coincidence.

Anyways, i checked in, and by a random coincidence, we were in the same room, one bed apart, which was really cool. SO i put my stuff up and we met up with her family (thats including her sisters fiance, adam, who is the funniest and raddest guy in the world). We got lunch and then we wandered around La Rambla, which is this really popular street with shops and tourists and street performers and tourists and more tourists. It was just Kara, Adam, and I because the rest of the family went clothes shopping because the airline lost their luggage. BUt Jade, Kara's sister was pretty excited about losing her stuff cuz she really wanted to go shopping lol. But the three of us just chilled and caught up standing on a bridge over the sea. it was so beautiful. Then we all met back up and got dinner at an Irish pub. i had a burger and a beer for 5 euro, thats a great deal, but yes, its very american of me.

Later in the night, we went to this cool bar that had tequila beers and lemon beers which were all very tasty. and they had very high alcohol content.... but anyways, everyone else went to bed except kara and i cuz we're young and ready to hit up barcelona's nightlife. Kara met some guy in Peru who owned a bar in Barcelona and he gave her the address. It took us a little while finding it, but it wasnt too bad. it was called Eclipse. He wasnt at the bar when we first got there, but after like 2 hours of kara and i just hanging out, he showed up and got us free drinks for the whole night which was really nice of him. Then he took us to the Sagrada Familia, which is this super famous church built by gaudi. but its still not finished and its been under construction for over a hundred years. And kara and i saw a shooting star over it which was absolutely nuts! but it was really cool. then we eventually went to bed and got up super early the next morning.

We went to the Park Guell, where there is a ton of famous Gaudi stuff. It was really cool seeing all that architecture. we hung out there for quite a while, and then we went back to the Sagrada Familia because the rest of the family hadnt seen it, and I wanted to see it during the day. But we didnt go in at first cuz we were all starving. Adam, who had spent a whole semester in the south of france was used to eating Kebabs, and so was I. Chris, Sirus, Tristan, and I eat there atleast 3 times a week. its so cheap and so delicious. There is nothing better than kebabskis, as we say. im gonna miss kebabs. so anyways, the Catbagan family went to the first restaurant they saw, but adam and i were on a mission. after 30 minutes of exploring, we found one, and it was seriously the best kebab ive ever had. it was so freaking delicious. i cant even put it into words. So after we finished, we met back up with the family, and it turns out, the place that they went into had kebabs....so we all had kebabs, and adam and i had to look all over for one, when it was right in front of us. but all i know is that walking around lost for half and hour was so worth it becuase it was so freaking delicious. im pretty sure their kebabs weren't nearly as good.

So from there, we paid a little too much to enter the Sagrada Familia. I mean, yeah, the architecture was really cool, but there wasnt a whole lot we could do, and half of it wasn't nearly completed. and then kara and i waited in line for an hour to get to the very top, which cost us a few more euros. it was a really big ripoff but id probably do it over. it was cool being able to go inside and see it. i mean, this church is one of the most famous of spain, and especially barcelona.

From there, kara and i went to the Picasso Museum which was absolutely wonderful. i loved it. it was just really too bad that i was so tired. i was literally completely exhausted this entire weekend. but im really glad i got to go there. you all know how much i love picasso.
then we all met back up for dinner.

We got paella which was pretty good. and then we went back to the beer bar from the night before, and then Kara, Adam, Jade, and I were supposed to go to this place called razzmatazz cuz its supposed to be really famous and really fun, but it was a huge night club and it was expensive and thats not what we were looking for. so we asked the guy at the front desk of our hostel if he knew of any cool places and he recommended that we go to the Big Bang Bar. It turned out to be the coolest place ever! all the walls had dark gothic wallpaper, all horror like, with posters of frankenstein and other monsters, like i could see a vampire living in this place. it reminded us of harold and maude so to speak. very horror epic. i loved it. they had a big screen playing the original black and white silent film of the phantom of the opera. but the music also added to the venue. it was all jazz, but real underground jazz, and real happenin jazz, real bassy and fun and exciting and it was perfect to dance to. We were there for quite a while and eventually, we turned in for the night.

I woke up really early again the next day and we all went to the Olympic stadium area. We saw this huge castle, which i cant remember the name of cuz it was hard to pronounce cuz it was in catalan. but it was gorgeous. the whole area was really cool, spread out and sort of relaxing. i got good vibes. we got to go inside two of the stadiums and see where it all went down in 92. Then Kara and I left the group and went to see the Perdrera which is another famous building by gaudi, but we decided not to go inside because we were afriad it would rip us off again like the Sagrada Familia. but i got to see it atleast. Then Kara and i decided we needed to eat, and when we went to the picasso museum, we walked through some really cool areas of barcelona and we decided we'd take the metro back over to that area to eat, cuz we passed some rad looking restaurants. we ended up eating at this really awesome place called Mama Shake. We got sandwhiches and beers for 6 euros and it was wonderful. i really like the place. and it was just me and kara in the entire restaurant, cuz it was during the siesta, so everyone in the spanish world was sleeping. the owner was a really nice guy too and we talked to him in spanish for a little bit.

But eventually, kara and i left and went back to the hostel, slept for a little bit, and then we met back up with the family. We went and got beers at that same bar, again...and then i had to leave cuz my flight was at 11pm that night. so i took the train back to the airport and came home and i slept.

and despite being super tired, i had a wonderful time. but unfortunately, i didnt even get to skate :[ and i even got a map with only skateshops and skateparks labeled on it! and i saw skaters and boards everywhere!!!!!! when i come back to spain, im definitely gonna spend a good long weekend just skating barcelona. for sure. :]

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